Afif is fourth in the batting order since the Asia Cup


Afif Hossain is in great form recently in white ball cricket. However, due to batting in the lower middle order, Bangladesh team is not getting the maximum from Afif. Due to the situation of the match and the coordination of the team, he has to play in different batting positions.

Afif is now going to get a specific position in the batting order as the challenge has come down to different positions. If everything goes well, Afif will be seen at number 4 in the batting order from the Asia Cup. Bangladesh team team director Khaled Mahmud gave that glimpse.

Khaled Mahmud was telling reporters after the National Mourning Day ceremony at Mirpur Sherebangla Stadium today, ‘We will give him a chance there. We are thinking of Afif with a certain responsibility. He is a dynamo. I think he is a confident boy. Has batted well in the last two series. Played well in ODIs too. We will give that place to Afif. Because, he is our future.

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Khaled Mahmud feels that Afif has the qualities that the T20 team needs in an aggressive-minded cricketer, ‘Most importantly, he is aggressive. That is what we want in the team. A very important cricketer is being made in Bangladesh. Of course he should give us that chance. It is our responsibility.’

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