Mon. May 20th, 2024

BPC: Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation has incurred a loss of Tk 233 crore in the 10th month of this year, the chairman of the organization ABM Azad has claimed. As a result, the price of fuel oil is not likely to decrease.

He gave this information in a press conference organized by Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation on Tuesday (December 27).

BPC chairman ABM Azad said that we have incurred a loss of Tk 233 crore from February to November this year. If the price of refined fuel oil is $103 per barrel in the international market, we break even. But if it is more than that we lose.

BPC Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation

He said that the average price of refined diesel per barrel last November was 105 dollars. Still we are losing Rs 2 to 3 per liter of diesel.

It should be noted that on August 5, the government increased the price of all types of fuel oil. The price of diesel per liter is increased from 80 to 114 rupees. The price of kerosene has been increased from Tk 80 to Tk 114 per liter. The price of octane per liter has been increased from Tk 89 to Tk 135. Petrol price increased from Tk 86 to Tk 130 per litre. On average, prices are increased by more than 47 percent.

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