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World Bank

World Bank approves $250 Million loan for Bangladesh

World Bank will give a loan of 250 million dollars to Bangladesh. The organization has approved this loan to encourage the private sector in environment-friendly investment.

This information was informed in a press release of the World Bank on Thursday (December 1).

World Bank

According to the notification, this loan is being supported to strengthen the technical and administrative capacity of the Department of Environment under the Bangladesh Environmental Sustainability and Transformation (BEST) project. The project will work to prevent pollution and improve the quality of environment.

According to the notification, a green credit guarantee scheme will also be established under this loan assistance to encourage the financial sector to invest in environment-friendly investments to reduce air pollution. Successful implementation of the project will benefit more than 21 million people living in Greater Dhaka and beyond.

Dandan Chen, Acting Country Director of the World Bank in Dhaka, said that the World Bank has been a long-standing partner in tackling environmental challenges in Bangladesh. The project will strengthen the country’s environmental institutions for better pollution control and sustainable development.

BPC has made a loss of Tk 233 crore in 10 months

BPC: Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation has incurred a loss of Tk 233 crore in the 10th month of this year, the chairman of the organization ABM Azad has claimed. As a result, the price of fuel oil is not likely to decrease.

He gave this information in a press conference organized by Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation on Tuesday (December 27).

BPC chairman ABM Azad said that we have incurred a loss of Tk 233 crore from February to November this year. If the price of refined fuel oil is $103 per barrel in the international market, we break even. But if it is more than that we lose.

BPC Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation

He said that the average price of refined diesel per barrel last November was 105 dollars. Still we are losing Rs 2 to 3 per liter of diesel.

It should be noted that on August 5, the government increased the price of all types of fuel oil. The price of diesel per liter is increased from 80 to 114 rupees. The price of kerosene has been increased from Tk 80 to Tk 114 per liter. The price of octane per liter has been increased from Tk 89 to Tk 135. Petrol price increased from Tk 86 to Tk 130 per litre. On average, prices are increased by more than 47 percent.

The amount of toll collected from Padma Bridge in 6 months

After the inauguration of Padma Setu, 395 crore 28 lakh 56 thousand 600 taka toll has been collected in the last 6 months. As such, an average of 2 crore 12 lakh 51 thousand 917 taka has been collected daily.

On Saturday (December 31), Bangladesh Bridge Department said this information.

Padma Bridge

Padma Bridge toll collection exceeds Tk100 crore mark

Padma Bridge, the country’s biggest self-financed mega project, has collected a total of Tk101.09 crore in tolls in the first 42 days since its opening to traffic on 26 June.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Padma Bridge on June 25. The bridge was opened for vehicular traffic from 6 am the following day.

According to the bridge department, 27 lakh 37 thousand 590 vehicles have crossed the Padma bridge in the last 6 months. As such, an average of 14,718 vehicles crossed the bridge every day.

Apart from this, the maximum toll of Tk 78 crore 50 lakh 19 thousand 400 has been collected from Padma Bridge in July. 60 crore 1 lakh 41 thousand 550 taka has been collected till December 28, the last month of the year.

Padma Bridge’s toll collection work is jointly done by Padma Bridge’s contractor China Major Bridge Engineering Company and Korean company Korea Express Corporation. An organization called Teletel Communication of Bangladesh is doing the field work on their behalf.

Rajan Biswas, assistant engineer of Bangladesh Bridge Authority, told the media that the toll collecting company is credited as the bridge authority’s bank after explaining the daily account. And how many vehicles pass through which end of the bridge, how much toll is collected at which end, is given on the website every day.

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