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Gulf Cup 2023

The 25th Arabian Gulf Cup, known as Khaleeji Zain 25 for sponsorship reasons, is the 25th edition of the biennial football competition for the eight members of the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation. The tournament is being hosted in Iraq for the first time since 1979, in the host city of Basra.

The first time Iraq has hosted the tournament since 1979. Basra, Iraq – A few hours ahead of the opening match of the 25th edition of the Arabian Gulf Cup in Iraq’s southern port city of Basra, thousands of Iraqis have already headed towards the city’s Basra International Stadium.

Arabian Gulf Cup 2023 Schedule and Live Match Center

Group ALive Match CenterGroup BLive Match Center
9 Jan 2022Oman v Yemen10 Jan 2023UAE v Kuwait
9 Jan 2022Iraq v Saudi Arabia10 Jan 2023Qatar v Bahrain
12 Jan 2022Iraq v Yemen13 Jan 2023UAE v Qatar
12 Jan 2022Saudi Arabia v Oman13 Jan 2023Bahrain v Kuwait

What is about Gulf Cup?

The Arabian Gulf Cup, often referred to simply as the Gulf Cup, is a biennial football competition governed by the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation for its eight member nations. The history of the competition has also seen it held every three to four years due to political or organisational problems.

Arabian Gulf Cup of Nations 2023

When Gulf Cup Established?

Arabian Gulf Cup Established 1970

Which team are the Current champions?

Bahrain is the Current champions of Arabian Gulf Cup.

Which the most successful team?

Most successful team(s) are Kuwait which won 10 titles.

Where and how to watch match live?

Sportklub 2 Slovenia, ESPN+, ESPN App here any one can get watch all matches.

  • Iraqi sports channel.
  • Al-Rabaa Iraqi sports channel.
  • SSC Saudi Channels.
  • bein sports channels.
  • Country Cup Channels.
  • Abu Dhabi Sports Channel.
  • Dubai Sports Channel.
  • Kuwait Sports Channel.
  • Oman Sports Channel.


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